Mens fashions for the Winter 2018

In this enlightened age it is not just the Ladies that can look at what they should be wearing come the cold winter months. We men have the obligation now to also look the part in the coming season. You could start with a nice couple of Farah Shirts as they are always a winner and can be worn at anytime of the year. Check out ejmenswear for a great range. Let’s take a look at what we should be wearing, I have a feeling that big hiking boots should be in there somewhere, here’s hoping anyway.

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The good news, for some of us anyway is that for men the 1990’s is back! Whist the ladies are all doing that nineteen seventies 50 shades of brown and the crazy 80’s shoulder pads that only Linda Evans in Dynasty would be seen wearing. For us it is the great return of the bucket hat. Top one, nice one sorted indeed Mr Gallagher your Manc style is back in town. Sticking with the 1990s the other new trend is to go a bit like the Matrix. We are talking the original film here not the terrible sequels so that means lots of long leather coats or even a pair of leather trousers if you’re feeling really brave.

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A bucket hat and long leather coat are not going to keep you warm this winter though and a shearling coat is thought of as being the must have item. We’re not talking about a Jon Motson style one these are a bit more stylish than that great man’s style. We’re thinking more Flying Fortress crew member or even Cowboy here. And there is a bit of an emphasis on keeping warm for once with many of the top fashion houses coming out with things that you can could actually wear on winter hike. Gucci have out done themselves with a hybrid style and hiking boot that probably would not last five minutes up Ben Nevis. There is some discussion and general feeling that men should be investing in a nice windcheater. This makes sense as we are increasingly getting a more Mediterranean winter climate and it’s not so cold as it was 25 years ago. To coincide with the windcheater, it’s also time to get the checks out so that you look like a lumberjack. Again, not sure if the Gucci boots are up to some tree felling.

One great thing about this year’s men’s fashion is that for men and women its brown so we are having to follow there conventions after all. Oh goodie.